Ace Cafe, Isle of Man Manx GP, back to Ireland again

The day after getting back to London, after Italy, the Renault Master van failed to proceed, this after driving faultlessly to Italy and back again, then the first time it started after getting back, it went 20 meters and stopped.

After much mucking about, the fault was finally traced to the injector pump having jumped one tooth on the timing belt, due to a slack tensioner not doing its job properly.

A battle with figuring out the timing pin sizes and it was at least running again, but only making it easier to get to a knowledgeable person to get it fixed properly.

After this it was back to Burnam on Crouch to pick up the Astore’s Magneto and Dynamo.


Next was a trip to see a mate of Dan’s, who owns a a Renault car from 1908, among other interesting things, he pays for these toys by being a film prop supplier.


After a walk around the props, too many photos to load, we adjourned to the Ace Cafe, just down the road, to find it full of TVR cars, much to Dsn’s delight, as he owns several, and the usual assortment of weekday  bikes, the meal was restaurant quality.

After getting the Astore going, with its now sparking Magneto, it was packing the Van to go to the Isle of Man for the Manx GP, Dan had to work the weekend, so was flying in on Sunday evening. I was driving the van containing Dan’s V7 Sport and Astore to Liverpool and the “steam racket” ferry.

Dan had a friend who lived near Ramsey, on a public footpath that went to Ramsey hairpin, so after a quick unload of all not needed for the next few days, it was up the path and the Saturday races and practice. The footpath is the dirt road running away from the hairpin in the first photo.



The next day was the Vintage Motorcycle Club day at an old airfield in the north of the island, Jurby.



ImageOn Sunday evening I picked Dan up from the airport near Castletown, and we headed into Douglas for some socializing. The next day we hung around the pits for a bit, meeting friends of Dan’s, then relocated to Creg Na Baa to view the racing and practice.


The next day it was a trip to the motorcycle museum that had been near Kates Cottage on the mountain, but is now down south near Fairy Bridge., Murrays Motorcycles


Glen English, Racer, telling a tale about getting his glove stuck to his knee slider velcro while approaching a tight corner on the TT circuit on this actual bike.


We then rode over to Peel, to sample an IOM smoked kipper, with Glen and (I think) Clare.


Glen’s bike.


An early morning departure to Belfast in the north and a trip down to Tipperary again, stopping in at an “interesting” old Irish pup for a Guinness and a “special” sandwich.


And so back to Kilcommon and the fitting of a roller door to Dan’s shed, and bird proofing the whole thing to stop the need of cleaning it all up again.


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  1. Jealous, I should have stayed longer, send me email with container due date, might not be here.

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