Italy, filling the container, and back to London

The Chunnel didn’t cover itself in glory, both going and coming. The train was delayed with “electrical issues” on the way over, meaning we were two hours late on an already late night, and then drove through France until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore, when we slept in the front of the van at a parking place.



Our destination for the next night was a friend of Dan’s, Ian, who was living in Zurich, a place I didn’t want to have to pay for accommodation in, very expensive place Switzerland, but very pretty.

But first we had some time to kill, and Dan’s memory was persuaded to come up with a real corker of a place, if you are a car nut, the Schlumpf brothers Buggatti collection at Mulhouse in Alsace, just before the Swiss border.


After a pleasant evening drinking expensive beers and sampling Swiss pasta, it was over the hills to Italy, via the Gottard Pass.


The temperature was HOT on the planes of Norther Italy, made worse by a visit to Mandello Del Lario to buy bits for Dan’s Astore, to find the whole place shut down for the August Holidays, Agostini’s included, so a wasted side trip. It the farm the first order of business was to put the Ercole in the container to see just how much room we had.

ImageImage Dinner with Giovanni and his wonderful wife topped off the day, even if it was long.


The next day dawned wet, bugger, just what we didn’t want, and this complicated the hell out of the whole business of loading the container.


It was then a case of “drone” back to the Chunnel crossing on Friday night, for Dan to man his market stall, with frustrating stops as Emmaus centres, frustrating as most were closed for the Europe wide holiday, with one being open in the Champagne region east of Reims, where Dan loaded the van up with “Stock”, followed by stops at every Lidl store we passed to buy good, cheap, French Cider and Beer.

The Chunnel coped a round of abuse from Dan when they stopped us getting on the train, with a Bus and our van being the front of the line when we were told there was no room on the train for us. Dan had little tollerance for this, as he had been bumped off the Chunnel train for seven hours on a previous trip, with no compensation or explanation, so the poor girl directing traffic was on the receiving end of Dan’s displeasure, but it made them “find” room for us and the bus.

I am now back in London, with no transport of my own, fixing Dan’s bikes, and getting ready for the IOM GP next weekend.

~ by andygadget on August 18, 2013.

2 Responses to “Italy, filling the container, and back to London”

  1. Thanks Andy for another ripper post! I am gobsmacked by the images of the Gottard Pass. Gota laugh at the thought of you and Dan sleeping in the front of the van, the air must have been toxic by the AM, the things we do.
    “Another fine adventure Gromitt !”

  2. Looks like you are going to need a couple of acres and really big shed to house all those new projects 🙂

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