London, preperations for moving the bikes to Italy

The crossing from Ireland went smoothly, with two bottles of Powers Irish Whisky being added to the van, but we couldn’t find a hotel with rooms until Cardiff, at about 4.30 AM.

After dropping off the beetle at an old WW2 airfield near Long Marsden, it was down to Bethnel Green in London.

The Astore Magneto and Dynamo were dropped off in Burnham on crouch, to a site of proper “shed” engineering, three blokes, Will and his two sons, practice the black art of repairing Magnetos in there collection of sheds.

Then it was time to negotiate the “swag” I was going to take back to Australia from Dan’s collection, and it was in a state of constant flux, finally ending up as follows. The Nuovo Falcone Sahara now becomes Dan’s, with first refusal for re-purchase staying with me, the ’34 Norton ES2 now becomes a “project” with “most” bits available, but not all, The ’32 Triumph Silent scout 500 is now returning with me to Australia, along with a strange folding moped thing, a Georgian desk and a 78 gramaphone, a proper military “home office” aluminium box and other container “packing.

All this packing was interspersed with trips to trendy inner London pubs in exotic ’60’s sports cars, a De Tamasso Mangusto.




And getting more of Dan’s bikes going, this V7Sport, originally owned by John Wittner, was last run riding a race lap of the IOM, ten years before.


Now I have to pack the van to go to Milan, so there may well be a gap in reports, not that I have been doing well lately, but it will depend on Internet access, and my time 🙂

~ by andygadget on August 11, 2013.

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