Buying a container and across France to Ireland

After Breganze, I had to endure the autostrada to Milan to pay for the 20′ container I was going to use to load all the bikes into.

As the company didn’t take credit cards, and I had found it almost imposable to do a funds transfer from my Australian account to the company , while in Europe, so the need to pay Euro for the container.

No photos from Milan, booring, next stop was north of Turin on my way over the alps to France.


I was in front of a number of cars and trucks, after some effort, so I didn’t stop for photos until on the French side of the border.


The next day I played in the hills around the Massif Central, lots of fun.


I was heading for the French port of Roscoff, to catch a ferry to Cork in Ireland, on Friday evening, so I had limited time to pay in the French hills.

But I still had a day or so.


Limestone Kast country, think Mole Creek in Tassie.



The ferry was a bus mans holiday. again.


I will update the blog as I can, but I am helping a mate in Tipperary fix his Moto Guzzi Astore 500, and the internet is only availabe at the local pub, so forgive the errors here, two Guiness’s in me already, and more to come.

~ by andygadget on July 25, 2013.

4 Responses to “Buying a container and across France to Ireland”

  1. Commendable I’d need a barrel of guiness in me to ride let alone work on a Guzi single! Glad the weather is behaving for you France looks lovely, cheers,keep ya fluids up, M

  2. you are forgiven. But realise, we at home are deprived of adventure and are dependent on happiness from sharing yours!

  3. Good to see you are having a great time in the French sun. Dodging the last of Tour de France. Life goes on an we are great little adventures here between andrew, rod and myself.

  4. ACL bearings in Launceston to close early next year.

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