The Alps

After a weekend of wandering around Tabor, as I didn’t want to ride the bike in its “delicate” condition, with the bearing failing completely and affecting other systems on the bike, most importantly the final drive, the Bearing service finally opened.

The repair was easy, now I had bearings.


The delay had changed things with my timing, the original intention HAD been to go south into Austria and the Balkan states, then to Breganze in Italy for the Laverda meeting.

But I decided to head almost directly to Italy instead, and play in their Alps for a while.

The mountain parts of Austria were very pleasant, but getting across the Danube via Enns and Styer was just more farming country.

I found a nice hotel near Bad Goisern, Landhotel Agathawirt, full of healthy push bike and walking holiday types.


The passes and general riding was pleasant, but the usual problem of too many vehicles and people, from a Tasmanian perspective anyway.

Had Coffee in cafes at passes, we don’t get this in Tasmania.




My Tacho had stopped working a few days before, but my speedo had stopped working in the way up this pass, so I ammused some German cyclists by getting the tools out to see why.

Turned out the drive cables had both broken. The cause was the speedo and tacko were on the wrong sides respactivly, causing the cable routing to be wrong, causing the breakage.

So I continued on with just my GPS as a speedo, not the best.

I droned to Innsbruck and took the back roads to Brenner pass and Italy.



The border discount shops are still going, but with the “Borderless” EU I imagine they are struggling.

I stopped for the night at the first town below the Brenner pass on the Italian side, Colle Isarco Bolzano.



All the trucks were on the motorway, but it was a constant procession of motorcycles through the town, and there are interesting motorcycle connections I found while wandering around.


I met the owner/restorer if this deadcat, and had an interesting conversation about what to do in a town where the snow is thick for much of the year.


The engineer in me enjoyed figuring out the workings of an old water mill system right in the middle of town.


The area seems to identify more with the north, than the south.


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