Mandello and Guzzi repairs

I headed for Merano so I could ride over the over 2000 meter pass between there and Sterzing, the next town down the valley from my overnight stop.

The Mille is loving being high, the lean jetting that makes for an economical tourer means it is getting on song at height, where the change in mass ratio of fuel and air makes carburetor fitted vehicles go rich.

No photos as the battery went flat on the GoPro Hero2, and I was having too much fun to stop.

I rode through to Breganze, but after an afternoon in the Piazza sipping double espresso, I decided to head to Mandello del Lario to address the speedo issues with the Mille.


They were riding an interesting combination of bikes, a 250 Guzzi single, an 883 HD and an old carbied Ducati Monster, very interesting people to talk to, In English as I have less German than Italian, and that isn’t much 🙂


A Swiss gentleman on the SP1000 outfit, sitting with the blue striped shirt, has had it the full length of south America and many other places, also an interesting person to meet.

With the instrumnents swapped over, and at least the speedo working, more on this later, it was time to head back to Breganze and the Laverda party.

~ by andygadget on July 16, 2013.

One Response to “Mandello and Guzzi repairs”

  1. thanks Andy for updates – it’s like my fav TV shows – can’t get enough!

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