Breganze and all things Laverda

With the speedo working it was time for some drinking 🙂

When I had come from Breganze to Mandello del Lario the day before I had done my usual practice of avoiding motorways and toll roads, and so had exposed myself to the Italian love of roundabouts, sooooo many roundabouts.

So I decided to indulge and return to Breganze via the Autostrada, but my lack of Italian made for some interest at the end.

The Italian system works, for a “transient” like me, with the issue of a ticket where you join the Autostrada and you pay based on this when you leave the Autostrada.

When I left the Autostrada near Breganze the toll area was unmanned, it swallowed my ticket and wanted 11 Euro, so I was fiddling around with coins and notes and didn’t notice a “notice” in Italian, which I now thing said the note reader wouldn’t except 5 Euro notes, which I was using.

This shouldn’t have been a problem as even I will eventually get it when the 5 Euro notes keep getting returned, but it was Italian in that after a few attempts it shut down, keeping my ticket and NOT opening the barrier.

So I backed the bike out of the bay and considered my options for a while. No manned booths greatly limited these, and I finally notice that the boom gate on the outside (right) end didn’t go as far as all the rest, so after a wrestle with my value system, I rode through the gap.

Am I a criminal?

Now to all things Laverda.




A ride into the Dolomite’s was the afternoons adventure, with stops to eat and drink, what a surprise.



Another stop for food and drink.


And back to Breganze for the evenings entertainment, and drinking.


The next day was a tour of the Laverda harvester factory.

This rare Laverda was seen at the gathering for the Factory tour.


It was hot.




The next stop was a winery in the centre of Breganze itself.


I was given a plake from the Laverda Club Breganze in recognition of how far I had come.


And more drinking, made smoother with local salami.


The next morning was a leisurely pack up and departure, I had to ride to Milano to actually pay for the 20′ shipping container I need to get all my “purchases” home to Australia, all attempts at a funds transfer from Australia to Italy failed for various reasons.

The last meeting in the Piazza for Grande macchiato con latte, and Briosh .


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