Escher, finally, Mille GT service

I stayed an extra night at the hotel in Westerbook so I only had a 200 k ride to the people working on my old Nuovo Falcone Sahara, and the Mille was over due a service.

My GPS said 2 hours for the trip, but the bloody thing did me wrong a couple of times by getting the lane advice wrong, as in far left lane when it should have been far right, and my mate murphy stepped in so every time this happened, I had to go many k’s to either correct or work around the problem. I would be literally lost without my GPS but it is a PITA at times.

My Sahara is progressing, head and barrel are away being modified, to unleaded specks and up to 600 cc.

Got to see lots of other Guzzi singles in pieces, including an Ercole and a Galletto.


Fully serviced, ready for Germany and the East of Europe in general.

Giovanni, the seller of the Ercole, has kindly organized the Purchase of a sea certified 20′ container, but is on holidays in Croatia for a couple of weeks, so I have the terrible task of “wasting” two weeks in the east.

~ by andygadget on July 3, 2013.

One Response to “Escher, finally, Mille GT service”

  1. galletto sounds like ice cream!

    Dont waste good money on engine oil!

    Get some old stuff out of the drums round the back of the shed,!

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