Scottland and back to Yorkshire, The Netherlands

With extreme caution (past history with myself and new tyres) I followed the advice given by the motorcyclists who drink in the Old North Inn, my overnight accommodation, for my passage south.

The advice was head from Inverness along the north side of Loch Ness, through the “Great Glen” to Fort Augusta, then back towards Inverness again in the hills south of Loch Ness.


Great riding, even in the wet.

The advice was then to head towards Elgin and the local boy racer road of the B9010.

The rain was still around, so few pictures until the English / Scottish border.



I then stayed on the A9 to Perth, and got sick of riding as I was going around Edinburgh, and took the easy option of a travel lodge for the night.

The goal for the next few days was to see Whitby, but not on a weekend like when I was at Lealholm and the Board Inn a couple of weeks ago.

I had booked a room for two nights right on the waterfront at Whitby, this is the view from my room.


The friendly publican.


This is the first photo taken on a camera I bought in Whitby, a 14 megapixels finepix XP water, duct, shock and freeze proof camera, no more missed photos because I wanted to protect my G12 Canon.

More views around Whitby mostly with my G12, as the weather was fine.



The night was spent on the cider with a couple on a Suzuki Bandit and a couple of old Goldwing riders (the bikes, not the riders, old that is) and is something of a blur, the danger of staying in a pub.

The next day I was booked on the Hull to Rotterdam P&O ferry, so to waste some time I found yet another air field to visit, this one being the Yorkshire air museum.


The ferry was just like going across Bass straight in Australia.


The last two shots are an internal ferry in the Netherlands.

I was heading for the Assen MotoGP, meeting a friend, Dick, who was in The Netherlands for a separate family holiday. We were booked into a Hotel near the track, in the village of Westerboork, with a bus to take us to and from the track on Friday and Saturday.

Some Thursday views of Westerboork.


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