Yorkshire dales and moors, the north yorkshire moors railway

It wasn’t far from York to the pub near Whitby I was staying in, but there was lots to see along the way.


Nothing had prepared me for the rapid change of landscape as you rode out of the dales and onto the moors above, or for the “Traffic savvy” sheep pastured on the moors.



I only saw one road kill sheep, and it was on a little back road.

As soon as the road I was on looked like becoming straight and more “main road”ish, I would take a side road that looked more “interesting”, and found those “interesting” places.


The next day I left the Mile at the pub, and caught the mainline rail motor to Grosmont and the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.


One of the working loco’s was the Sir Nigel Gresley, the designer of the class that included Mallard.


The railway travels through the dales to Pickering.



Lots of history.


As the mainline rail motors were on weekend time tables, it was late when I returned to the pub at Lealholm.

~ by andygadget on June 17, 2013.

One Response to “Yorkshire dales and moors, the north yorkshire moors railway”

  1. I see Sharon Heritage has been in town, spreading the quadrophenia infection around. And low – the steam train with the yellow and red carriages is straight out of the Don River Railway.

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