After a short night at a hotel in Bournemouth, I jumped a lift with truck delivering the Mille to Motocorsa.


After Motocorsa had done their magic, including a new front tyre and heaviers springs on the Koni shocks, red ones too, is there any such thing as too much red?

Time to move on.


Notice my bright safety orange brolly, a gift from the RAC mechanic, Like I was going to say no to  good brolly in the sort of weather Britain had been experiencing

A Guzzi rider I had met at Motocorsa, Andrew, returned just as I was getting ready to leave, and he invited me to see some of his bikes, that just happened to be in the aircraft hall of the British Military college, so no photos, as I didn’t thing it would be PC.

long with his Cali 3, was a bike under a cover, Andrew invited me over to see “a bike you don’t often see”, off came the cover to expose a …….

Moto Guzzi Galletto (Roster), and Andrew’s face said it all when I said, “a Gelletto, is it a 160?”

Which is is, and it is for sale, about 1000 pounds, a snip as it has a head already convered to unleaded fuel, and has two new tyres, how could I say no.

A hotel in Sudbury at about 9PM, nothing extraordinary, and then it was off to the Forest of Dean.

This weekend was the last gasp of the British school holidays, so the further away from London I was the better.

I picked the Forest of Dean, north of the Severn esturary, and just outside the Welsh border, I had it in my horizon after the second last harry potter movie, where Harry finds Griffindores sword in the frozen pond.


I ended up at a caravan park just outside Parkend.

A very English activity was occurring opposite “The Woodsman”, so a pint of the local brew and I contemplated the last few hectic days.


Lots of screaming kits is the price to pay for a cheapish tent site.

There is a steam railway that goes from Parkend down to the north shore of the Severn river.


The railway was there from when this valley was a steel making centre, due to its quality coal.

Those who keep rabbiting on about how industry id “destroying” the country, should look around at the Forest of Dean, 50 years later.

There is hope for Queenstown on the west coast of Tasmania 🙂

~ by andygadget on June 3, 2013.

2 Responses to “Repair”

  1. “…there were lots of red cars, really didn’t do it for me.”
    “Is there any such thing as too much red?”
    Well, yes and no, apparently…
    Hey, Andy – what was wrong with the clutch?

  2. interesting Gilera single O/S Motocorsa.
    Heavier springs for the Konis? Whatever made them think you needed them?
    Some of that “usefull” stuff of yours can be a bit weighty.

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