Breakdown, and more south coast

The clutch had been doing strange things for some time, changing its take up point as the bike engine temperature changed, and being grabby when engaging.

As I wasn’t equipped to do anything about so, it was “noted” and monitored, a mechanical cop out.

Todays goal was the RN Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovil, I had riden past it on Sunday, but had assumed it would be full to bursting it being the long weekend, so I had put it off until my return.




More Merlin engines.


The supercharger end, the back, is where all the power is from.

Gipsy motors.


No such thing as too many engines.



A quick bit to eat and it was down the road to the Haynes Car museum.



One of six Dusenburg’s in good fettle.


More bikes.


There where lots of red cars, didn’t really do it for me.

Then I headed off towards Hampshire, to a place some friends of mine from Brisbane have an 1150GS and gear stashed, and I was looking for some out of the way B & B to hide from the rain, well that didn’t happen.

I was stuck in peak hour traffic between Poole and Bournemouth, with the usual silly drivers of Automatic cars creeping up behind the car in front, requiring me to constantly slip the clutch.

This go worst and worst until the clutch couldn’t be disengaged, bugger.

In fact it went with sort of a bang, and I had no pressure in the lever at all, to the point I thought it was a cable breakage, so into the very small pull over bay to see just what was going on.

I removed the clutch arm from the back of the gearbox, and pulled the plug, and couldn’t find the throw out bearing, not a good sign.

I was at the limit of adjustment, so I removed the lock nut of the adjuster in the arm, and wound it in so I had lever again, packed up, and tried it out.

I went all of 10 meters, and the lever was the same, nope, nothing was going to happen on the side of the road.

A call to Mike in Stafford, the holder of the red zero kilometer NF, had some Moto Guzzi club of GB members in the area numbers, and a call to the first, Gerry Duffet, had the information about a specialist Moto Guzzi mechanical shop just north of me, Motocorsa.

So after confusing the poor RAC girl about just where I was ringing from, to honour the reciprocal agreement with the RACT, it was a wait for the RAC to pick me up.


An overnight on the sea front at Bournemouth and I received a lift to Motcorsa with the recovery people.


~ by andygadget on June 3, 2013.

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