The southwest

Holidays, this one is the last bank holiday for the summer for the UK, and it is the end of school holidays, so a double whammy for everything being booked solid.

So I thought long and hard, for me anyway, on the best plan of attack to achieve my goals.

The goals are simple, dry out my camping gear from the last time used, France, and do some laundry, as I wasn’t going to pay what the Hilton wanted to have it done.

So I packed up and left the Hilton Terminal 5 and headed for the rural splendor of Somerset and the Alpine grove camping park.


The weather was fine, with the forecast being rain developing from the west on Monday. The cunning plan was to be sufficiently far from the “popular” areas for Sunday night, and watching the vast hoards going the other way on Monday.

Alpine grove.


The plan sort of worked, I departed Alpine grove with dry camping gear, and clean laundry, the expected hoards going the other way didn’t really appear until after Exeter, but then they did in huge numbers, thing Easter Monday in Oz.

Lands end was my goal for the day, and I achieved it, Just.

The forecast rain had appeared, along with wind and cold temperatures, this is all I wanted to expose my camera to at lands End.


The idea of traveling any distance in this weather wasn’t appealing, so after a cod and chips at Sennen, it didn’t take much convincing to settle in at the most western inn in the UK.




So with the riding for the day complete I settled in to sample the inns local ales, leaving the scrumpy until last.

I am so very thankful I decided, at the last minute, to take my Rukka Armas suit, with linings and Sidi Adventure Gortex boots.

England, and most of northern Europe, in summer is suspiciously like Tasmania in winter, it an only improve.

~ by andygadget on May 28, 2013.

2 Responses to “The southwest”

  1. Hi Andy,
    Just heard on the news that UK and Europe will experience RAIN for the next FOUR months..!!

  2. Go hide near the Bodensee (Lake Constance), the warmest place north of the Alps. I can look up a nice route via Luxembourg & France…

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