Public holidays get me again

After camping in France, it was up to Germany, to see the people who are going to work on my Moto Guzzi Nuove Falcone Sahara,

So a wet Sunday drone up the (now toll free) motorways to the town of Werne, the nearest town to Sudkirchen, the home of Escher.

I stayed in an old hotel/pub in the middle of Werne, Hotel Ickhorn.


On Monday it was over the well tended German fields and woods to the factory of Escher.


The suspicious lack of traffic for a Monday morning was compounded by no opening of the door at Escher come opening time, and a passing mountain bike rider confirmed my suspicions that it was a Church Holiday, bugger.

As I had to be in London on Tuesday afternoon, I couldn’t hang around, so it was off over a very misty Germany, Netherlands and Belgium to Dunkirk in France, and a hotel for the night.

The next morning, I got to the ferry terminal for Norfolk line, expecting to have to get out the Carnet and jump through whatever hoops they wanted, only to sail through with only having to show my passport.

I elected for the ferry rather than the chunnel, as it was solidarity with my pommy fellow engineers.


With only 150 k’s or so it was time to stop and get some socially acceptable trousers so as to not shock my fallow conference attendees with motorcycle gear.

So it was a stop at Ashford town for some quick shopping.


With my sartorial splendor assured, it was a drone over British motorways to Heathrow terminal 5 Hilton, and three days of thinking shipping again as i attended the IFOC, the International Fleet Officers Conference.

So no new posts until it is over, and I get to London and the National Science Museum.

~ by andygadget on May 23, 2013.

3 Responses to “Public holidays get me again”

  1. Had any fun with staying on the correct side of the road anywhere along your journey?

    • Strangely I have had no problem with this, or going back again when in the UK.
      But this may be because I am still conscious of the fact I am on the “wrong” side, and so am compensating, the trouble may come when I am “comfortable” with the right hand side, then my “instinctive” reaction may bite me on the posterior.

      • Well hopefully you don’t have to find out if your instinct compensates as well. It didn’t for the Taiwanese driver that ran into me in Brisbane 😦 Hate for you to end up with McArdleism – in hospital while on holidays.

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