Busy times, riding up through Italy

I had to go to Perugia to organize all the paperwork for the Nuovo Falcone Sahara, and if the seller, Filippo, hadn’t taken time off to ferry me around town it would have taken for every.

It was a drone up from Brindisi, only made more interesting seeing the “ladies of the night” lining the road around Foggia, one per pull over spot, and wondering how their lives were, not good I imagine.


I followed the east coast up to Ancona, then into the hills and tunnels via some picturesque hill towns, but being a Saturday, it was wall to wall tourist buses and locals driving slow. no photos as I was running out of daylight.

It was then another quick ride up to Mondello del Lario, as all good Guzzisti should, but the intention is to visit the owner of the 1955 MotoCarro Ercole I have made a deposit on, and pay in Euro the outstanding amount, and then figure out how I was going to get e three track vehicle the size of a small car to Great Britain, let along all the way back to Australia.

My departure from Perugia was pleasantly delayed by a chance meeting of two fallow Guzzisti in front of the hotel I had just booked out of, Marko, pictured with me, owns a Cali Stone, and his friend, whose name I rudely have forgotten, rode a Breva.


It was after 2030 by the time I arrived in Mondello, and it seemed the ideal time to get the usual Guzzisti photo of my mille in front of the famous gates, with little likely hood of being growled at, as I have heard happen to others is done during the day.


I took a tent site, as advised by Kerry and Paul Dickson, and the next day went exploring Mondello, as the intention is to return for a longer stay after this conference I have to attend in London.

Some sites around town.







~ by andygadget on May 15, 2013.

2 Responses to “Busy times, riding up through Italy”

  1. Looking disgustingly well and happy my dear lad. Also I have some leads for you regarding moving any of your bikes. Check your email and / or facebook page.

  2. Hello Andy,
    good to see you are on the road in Italy.You must have seen quite a bit of the Autostrada but it’s the only way to make miles if on a tight schedule.Did your snoring clear the campground or was it just a quiet day?I’ll keep a eye on when you are back in Mandello and give you an address to look up.Regards about the ‘dumptruck’ why not park the Mille inside and drive/ride over to Blighty!!Take care,vino rosso Dioca..!!

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