The busmans holiday, ferry to Italy

The next day was a transport day, but included some great riding.

I had sent an old helmet over with the Mille, a HJC full face, that was a throw away, but as my other helmets are three Shoei Multitecks, the fixed chin piece quickly became a PITA.

Passing through Patra I saw a Honda shop, so stopped to see what helmet options they had.

No Shoeis, but they did have a Nolan N90S in matt black that ticked all my boxes, including a slide down dark visor like the new neotech helmets, so it was purchased and the HJC was left with the Honda shop, complete with AS1698 sticker and IMCTAS (the Italian Motorcycle Club of Tasmania) stickers.

Into Igoumenitsa and the wait for the overnight ferry to leave was on. I had booked this before leaving Australia, in fact from on board my ship going to Japan for the second time, and had booked the “Chair” option, which I had thought was similar to the seats option on the bas traight ferries, reclining in a quiet area, well how wrong was I. To Grimaldi line, a chair option was a chair in the old lounge on the ferry, surrounded by the mass of fallow travelers. The time table said leave at 0100, arrive at 0700, Ha, leave at about 0230, arrive at 0930. The short overnight was the reason for the chair and no cabin choice, wrong again, but character building.


~ by andygadget on May 14, 2013.

2 Responses to “The busmans holiday, ferry to Italy”

  1. thanks Andy – your posts are much appreciated!!! SOmehow WordPress sends me an email for each posting with pics & all – great! I won’t miss a thing.

    And show us your head in helmet please (why not white?).

    How are the Wolfmans?


  2. Sacre bleu, you left your IMC sticker behind ?? Do you have a wad of new stickers to replace it with? Otherwise – you will be riding naked. Tut tut.

    As for the ferry. You will be such a character “rebuilt” person by the time you return. tee hee.

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