Athens and the Acropolis

The best laid plans…..

I didn’t know that this weekend was the Greece Easter weekend, and like Australia, everybody if off home and so everything is shut down. Good thing I have lots of time.

So the Hotel I had booked due to its cheapness, out past the airport away from Athens, using the theory that I would be mobile on the Mille soon after getting ther, proved to be a dud, so I moved into Athens proper, much more civil.


Every second vehicle is a motorcycle or scooter it seems, most without helets, don’t know how that works, but everything seems to go smoothly.

With time to spare, it was off to the Acropolis, walking distance from the inner city hotel.

All the usual photos.






The rock around the Acropolis proper is polished slippery smooth my the vast number of visitor that have troden the same path as me over the many years, and to my engineer mind, this spoke more to me about the age of the place than all the old buildings.



Australia could learn a thing or ten from the Greeks about inner city living.





The next challenge is to navigate the Greek Customs and get the Carnet signed, then collect the Mille.

I have already booked my ferry passage to Italy for the 11th of May, so Greece is getting a fleeting visit from me, such is life.

~ by andygadget on May 7, 2013.

5 Responses to “Athens and the Acropolis”

  1. Will you make it to the IOM in time? I hope you are planning to go.

  2. Now, are you sampling ‘their’ coffee or are you making your own…???

  3. And have you cornered the lamb souvlaki market yet mate?

  4. Hi Andy, pleased to see you managed to capture the image of early Bee Emm.

  5. Nice photos Andy. Looking forward to your next lot. I always believed the stories of how crowded Europe is. You did take a shower before you gave that dodgy hotel the flick…right? Just wondering why the people are leaving.
    All the best

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