The “is it a car or is it a bike” bike

Motocarro Ercole

~ by andygadget on April 28, 2013.

4 Responses to “The “is it a car or is it a bike” bike”

  1. All is lost – there is no hope left for you!!! You are a lost cause – after all those arguments against 3 track vehicles……. YOU buy a 3 TRACK VEHICLE !!!! With – wait for it…….. WOOD. Just so quarantine and screw you over for the same cost of the whole thing being shipped to Aust. AAaaarrrrrrrrrgggg. PS is this some sort of retirement plan. Being a cabby around Salamanca for US tourist?

  2. Well, she’s got patina, mate…..

  3. the fact it is on a roadside assistance vehicle could be a sign of things to come?Lets hope not,hey.Bravo Diocane!

  4. Andy – did you forget to take your sanity pills?

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